The best multi-functional bot for your Discord

Starpri is a multi-function Discord bot with ease of use in mind, used to entertain, moderate and grow your community.

Tickets System

You can handle and expedite user requests, questions, and support tickets in your Discord channel using the Starpri bot ticketing system. This system assists moderators in setting up a specific ticketing system where users may conveniently submit their queries or problems. Users can open tickets by responding to messages or submitting commands when they require assistance. For the user, the system creates a thread and allocates it to the relevant moderator or support role. Your useful Starpri system makes sure that no issue is overlooked or gets lost in the server's chat channels, which can assist maintain an organised moderation process, speed up response times, and boost user happiness.

Twitch and Social Media Alerts

Send real-time notifications to your community whenever you go live to play games on Twitch, upload a new video to YouTube, send a tweet, or post anything on Instagram to stay in touch with them. You may easily inform every member about your most recent content updates with Starpri.To make sure you never miss their updates, you can also utilise the Starpri Discord bot to subscribe to additional content creators of your choosing. Keep yourself informed so you can play games with them or just relax and watch them interact!

Polls and Voting Module

You may make polls in the Discord app with the help of the robust Starpri poll module. You can really engage your community with this plugin! The poll's duration, the number of multiple-choice or single-choice options, and even the addition of more useful features are all customizable! Users in your Discord server will participate by voting when the poll is live. Votes are gathered and totaled by the bot plugin, which then displays the results in real time in a graph format. This tool is fantastic for getting input from users or just encouraging communication among server members. A poll plugin makes the process of organising events, selecting games, selecting guild leaders, or getting feedback easier.

Music from Multiple Sources

Introducing an innovative music feature to Starpri, we've elevated the audio experience for our community. Seamlessly integrated, this music feature allows users to summon their favorite tunes with simple commands, turning any server into a vibrant virtual jukebox. The intuitive commands make it easy to play, pause, skip, and adjust volume, ensuring that users have complete control over their auditory experience. With support for popular music streaming platforms like Spotify, YouTube or SoundCloud, users can enjoy a vast selection of songs, creating a dynamic and engaging atmosphere for all members. Whether it's background music for gaming sessions or a virtual dance party, Starpri's music feature brings people together through the universal language of music.

Valorant Module

Introducing our Valorant Stats and Store viewer feature! Now, with a quick command, our bot delivers detailed insights into your in-game performance—tracking kills, accuracy, round wins, and more. It's not just about personal progress; you can easily compare stats with friends, fostering friendly competition and shared gaming experiences. Whether you're a casual player or aiming for the top, this feature turns our Discord server into a hub for tracking, analyzing, and celebrating your Valorant achievements together.

Counting Module

Introducing Starpri's innovative Counting Module! Designed to infuse a sense of community and lighthearted fun, this feature enables users to embark on a collaborative counting adventure with just a simple config setting on the dashboard. The module initiates a sequence where members take turns incrementing the count through their messages. What makes this experience unique is the bot's ability to meticulously track the progression, providing real-time updates and celebrating significant milestones. The Counting Module not only offers an engaging activity within the server but also cultivates a sense of camaraderie as members unite in the shared goal of maintaining the count without disruptions. It's a delightful addition to our Discord environment, fostering interaction and memorable moments among our community members.

Moderation Module

Starpri's moderation module stands as a vigilant guardian, ensuring server tranquility and enforcing community guidelines with efficiency and precision. Equipped with a sophisticated set of automod features, this module is designed to automatically detect and address potentially disruptive content. Through a combination of customizable filters, the automod system scans messages for profanity, spam, and other rule violations, swiftly taking action to mute, warn, or even ban offending users. The module's versatility allows server administrators to tailor the automod settings to fit the unique needs of their community, striking a balance between maintaining a welcoming environment and preventing the spread of harmful or inappropriate content. With its proactive approach, the moderation module becomes an indispensable ally, fostering a positive and enjoyable experience for all members within the Discord server.